Vendor Village - BhaktiFest West
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Workshop Hall 1 – Sponsored by Organic India

Workshop Hall 2 – Sponsored by Larva Designs


Yoga Hall 3 – Sponsored by Divinitree

Healing Sanctuary Sponsored by Desert Essence


The Bhakti Shoppe: Get all your Bhakti Fest Merch Here! T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Water Bottles, etc. & Unique Handmade Clothing, Malas, & Jewelry! ॐ

Blessed Botanicals: Specializing in preservative-free, all natural body and hair care products.

Divinitree: A community based yoga studio offering classes, workshops, and retreats.

FermaLife: Fermalife Nutritional Probiotic Beverage Mix is a modern approach to consume the benefits of traditional fermented soy.

Gypsy Jenny: Handmade fair trade clothing from around the world

Health-Ade Kombucha: Health-Ade Lounge offers a stage view and a great space for people to relax, hang out in the shade, and enjoy fresh kombucha on tap!

Hot Chakras: Handmade Mala beads, yoga apparel & unique accessories

Kala Imports: Singing Bowls, Clothings and Jewelry

Katmandhu Boutique: This incredible Nepali-Tibetan-Indian boutique of spiritual offerings is a special portal of love. Come by and see the amazing clothes, ethnic jewelry, art, music, ethnic decor, & community gathering with Nepalese food, music and friendship.

Larva Designs: 
Larva Designs is a visual art based clothing company, working in large format hand screen printing to help raise funds for the Huichol foundation.

Lobos Del Mar: Handmade hand loomed clothing from Oaxaca Mexico, Ecuador and Peru. Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing designed along side the indigenous families that create them. Our fair line consists of weaving of natural fibers of the hugest quality.

Mantralogy/Mandala Publishing: Come relax and connect, while enjoying music from the main stage. Enjoy books and music from primary presenters at Bhaktifest, as well as t-shirts, audio books and more.

Organic India: Relax in ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi Tea Lounge at the main stage—relish in the sacred, balancing and rejuvenating properties of Tulsi while experiencing love and consciousness in action.

Pitango: Beautiful rings for your soul.

Rana Nadar Yoga Jewelry: Yoga & meditation Inspired jewelry. Custom Mala Bead necklaces made by Rana Nader locally on site.

Sankalpa: Artist designed yoga mats. Every purchase supports an independent yogi & artist.

Silktique: Recycled sari garments from india, dresses, sarongs, pants, and jewelry.

Simply Sitting: Simply Sitting is the maker of a revolutionary, patented meditation seat and all its handcrafted accessories.

Sinns Art: Sacred Art Clothing and Custom Leather Works.

Solti Juice: Solti’s organic, raw, vegan, cold-produced beverages are light-filtered and glass-bottled. Each beverage is an alchemy of fresh, organic ingredients with very real benefits for your wellbeing.

Made with a Purpose: Social enterprise offering handmade totes, yoga bags and other accessories made by female artisans in India. We have a vintage and non-vintage line, our vintage products are made from up-cycled saris.

The Library: Ganesh’s pen is running out of ink, come help him finish the book!

Unique Arts: Statues of Ganesh, Shiva, Lakshmi, etc.

Up Your Frequency: Sacred geometry jewelry made with natural minerals, titanium and 18K gold. The minerals are the same as those found in the sacred pools throughout the world.

Warrior Within: An American Made, Family Owned, Ethical Design house specializing in Womens and Mens clothing for on and off the mat.

Yoga Styles: Clothing for the sophisticated hippie. We also have amazing yoga props and spiritual jewelry. All made with love to help your spirit shine.

Zada: Hand crafted Jewelry… made with consciously mined crystals, gem stones and fossils.


Our non profit vendors have been relocated to Hidden Treasure Lane this year!  Please be sure to visit them and support these wonderful organizations.

 Bhakti Art: Bhakti Books and Bhakti Artwork. Proceeds go towards sending books to prison libraries and inmates, as well as hospitals, and other needy areas.

Call & Response: Non profit offering a nationwide community kirtan program, support for artists and outreach program.

Govardhan Eco Village: Radhanath Swami’s Govardhan Eco Village, North of Mumbai India, is a model self-sustainable farm community & retreat centre.

Pirates of Bohemia: Joyfully offering jewelery created from recycled and repurposed materials, natural henna body art, and sustainably sourced crystal and feather hair wrap.

Saving Ganesh:’s mission is to support the cultures, both in Sri Lanka and India, which honor all species. We produce documentary films about the plight of the elephants.

Teatree Herbs: High Vibrational Plant medicine handcrafted with conscious care. Delicious, organic herbal teas made with intention and love.

Truth Consciousness: Non-Profit organization ashrams of Swami Amar Jyoti. residing in Tucson AZ and Boulder Colorado. For nearly two decades Truth Consciousness has been publishing over 650 spiritual discourses and 25 Volumes of Chant.

Veterans Yoga Project: Supporting recovery and resilience among our veterans, families, and communities.


Bhakti Fest Info Booth: Get all your questions answered and sign up for classes daily

Black to Life: Carbonized Bamboo Products for health and wellness

Califa Alchemy: The medicine is a conglomerate of healing crystal wands, alter pieces, meditation crystal tools, energy and portal opening devices, crystal priestess crowns and henna healing, yoga clothes and tools.

Cotton Flower: Stretch, Dance, Play! In our flowy cotton play clothes for women in vibrant solid colors. Whites and creams too! Sat Nam.

Rehasht:  Upcycled, handmade, one of a kind garments and goods.


Ancient Organics: Ayurvedic Tonics and Cooling Desert Snacks made with 100% Organic, Grass-Fed Artisan Ghee. Take home a jar! Proud sponsor of BhaktiFest and BhaktiCoffee. Come #FINDYOURGHEESPOT

Asana Foods: Superfood acai bowls with hand-crafted organic gourmet gf granola & specialty almond butters.

Bite: Raw quinoa veggie bowls packed with organic greens, cold pressed super-oils, and zesty heart-melting goodness. Our food is vegan and gluten-free. San Diego born.

Dosa Dosa: Dosa Dosa embodies the ideals to create a better, healthier environment by providing food cooked with healing spices, and wholesome ingredients. Our mission is to provide our customers with an experience of harmony.

Ihsans Falafel: Delicious organic, vegan sundanese style falafels.

Imlak’esh: 100% Organic & Vegan Superfoods that we incorporate into every single one of our smoothies, elixirs, savory items, and desserts.

India Gourmet: Fresh vegetarian,authentic delicious Indian cuisine, vegan, gluten free choices.


Kuli Kuli: Kuli Kuli is America’s leading moringa brand. We provide the highest quality and most nutritious moringa available. Kuli Kuli’s moringa is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, and antioxidants. Our moringa provides a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids.

Le Vie Wellness: Providing wellness drinks for the energy and practice of the festival. Delicious, energizing, cleansing, hydrating, and nourishing drinks for all phases of your festival experience!


Lydias: Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Raw and Cooked Food made with LOVE. Nourishment for the Body, Mind, and Soul.

Pie for the People: Authentic hand tossed pizza m made using the highest quality ingredients, locally sourced vegetables, and with intention.

Qure Water: Alkaline water with electrolytes has the highest pH at 10 mineralized with an earth friendly zero waste renewable proprietary process. With a distinguished smooth taste and stable high pH come from its high quality natural ionic alkaline minerals.

Raw Revelations: A whole-food based nutritional company that manufacturers all their own products. We specialize in Tonic herbs,essential nutrients, and delicious drink mixes.

Squeeze Time: Raw, freshly squeezed fruit juices which are a quick and enjoyable way of getting the vitamins and minerals necessary for your well being.

Teeccino: America’s #1 coffee alternative, with all the energy you need, without the crash! Teeccino is non-acidic, hydrating and full of antioxidants.

Turveda: TurVeda makes all natural Turmeric Curcumin rich beverages, coffee, and teas.



Alta Retreats: Alta designs luxury, transformational yoga retreats in inspiring destinations across the globe, led by some of the world’s most celebrated yoga instructors and coaches.

Art to Affirm: Emerging mix media artist Jlorene Gage’s series; Icons, Guides & Gurus include images of Buddha, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Ganesha, Lakshmi, Baba Maharajji, Hanuman and others. Original art, and limited edition prints.

Baizar: Soulful jewelry and accessories handmade by empowered artisans across the world.

Blonde Peacock: Hand screen printed yoga clothing. All garments are locally sourced, inks are waterbased. All of the designs are from photos that taken while traveling around the world. Most popular designs are from Bali and India.

Earth Altar Studio: Earth Altar Studio is a conscious Tattoo, Med Spa and Healing Center located in the heart of Eagle Rock. We specialize in Intuitive Tattooing.

Elevated Glass: Sri Yantra etched glass water bottles for your heart, mind and soul. Ancient geometry, sacred intention and positive vibrations to charge and raise our experience.

Eternal Mode: Only selling merchandise created by their own brand. T-shirt, hoodies, yoga pants, skirts, harem pants, tops. Our products made in England.

Hattie Hats: Hattie Hats creates one of a kind ‘Medicine Hats’ using gemstones, crystals, vintage silk ties and buttons for their healing colors and vibrations.

Immordl: IMMORDL Energy is a high quality organic, vegan, gluten-free, fair trade, paleo-certified super coffee elixir product.

JaiJot: Spirit Infused jewelry handmade with love, light and mantra.

Meinl Sonic Energy: Sounding instruments geared for meditation, sound therapy and energy work: Gongs, singing bowls, handpans, energy chimes, tuning forks and frame drums

Noelani Designs: Women’s jewelry designed to empower you to shine your light. Our inspirational handmade pieces are made with gemstones, crystals, shells and other gifts from the earth.

Sacred Seed Malas: Malas for meditation handmade with Indian Rudraksha Seeds to enhance one’s yoga practice. A project of devotional love, created & strung in San Diego.

Sacred Spiral: Natural Fiber easy to wear clothing and accessories with a world Image.

Soleil Yoga: Yoga mat bags.

Trihealth: Ayurvedic products, external and internal oils, herbal wines, ghees, and herbal jams.

Vesica: Vesica is focused on reducing the amount of plastic people use daily. Offering stainless steel water bottles with leather cases, bamboo toothbrushes and wooden sunglasses.



Adi Pazada: From the beaches of Goa to the Himalayan peaks, one-of-a-kind jewelry with sacred seeds, healing crystals , and energetic talismans. All handcrafted by Indian artist Adi Pirzada.

Allies Earthwork: Earth-inspired gemstome jewelry and henna tattoos


  Chakra-inspired travel-friendly blankets, mats, backpacks and mats. Made from recycled plastic bottles in Los Angeles. Lightweight & don’t hold sand or water the way a traditional towel does. ChakyaGo backpacks unfold into 60″ diameter microfiber blankets.

Crystal Lounge:  Crystal Lounge where people can come and experience the healing powers of the Crystals from Brazil.

Gongster:  Gong Baths: When we are in harmony, our health returns, our light shines, we become centered, and awake. Raising our consciousness here on earth and dimensions beyond. Beautiful Gongs for Sell, as well as other sound instruments.

Holistic Haze:  An artistic expression of the supernatural!


Smile for Humanity:  Supports Radhanath Swami through sales of his memoir “The Journey Home” and “The Journey Within”

Spiritual Alignment:  Bringing alignment between heart, mind and soul.

Vedic Arts & Science: Vedic astrologer Sam Geppi is the Author of “Yoga and Vedic Astrology. Get more details about Vedic astrology certification and courses that bring a deeper connection to Yoga, Ayurveda and your deeper self.

Vicky Gay:  Certified Medium tested and certified by The American Federation of Certified Psychics Mediums Incorporated. Was awarded best medium in the world 2016-2017.


Bali Isle:  Exotic ethnic art wear, vintage kuchi, tribal jewelry & accessories, textiles & tapestrys, colorful beaded art deco vintage peacock goddess wear, fabulous textural belts & shawls, gemstone healing jewelry.

Body & Soul:  Home grown and Hand crafted essential oils- included in a hand crafted chakra based line of bodycare products as well as chakra based gemstone jewelry.

f’Laurel Designs:  f’Laurel designs headbands are functional and fashionable.

Humbly Hemp: Humbly Hemp is a snack company in West Los Angeles who focus on keeping it simple, being great, and living humb

Moringa Light Energy:  Made fresh light energy, Moringa Gold Seeds, Gold Leaves pure Moringa Gold Oil, Fountain of Youth, nano CBD M le, CBD M le, Heroes , crystals, Tibetan Singing bowls.

Namaste Yoga Bags: A new small business selling a new design of yoga bags and backpacks in three sizes. I also make yoga mat straps with and Without a pockets, yoga charmed anklets and zipper charms.

Om Botanicals:  OM botanical is committed to making beautifully handcrafted organic skin care products that are copletely safe and highly effective.

Sacred Pendant:  Over 60 handmade (in India) aesthetically beautiful Sacred Geometry Pendants and Earring designs on energized gemstones wrapped in sterling silver.

Varied Treasure: Hand made wire wrap jewelry, made on site in 15 minutes, choose a stone, crystal, fossil,shell, or bring your own stone, Carl will make a piece of jewelry for you while you watch.

Wish Wear:  Wish Wear is based in Joshua Tree, CA and specializes in handmade performance and sportswear.

Yoga Alliance:  The largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community is here to serve you. Get answers to questions about Continuing Education Hours, membership and more. ॐशान्तिः

Zafuko: Zafuko pillows are light and firm kapok filled eco and very affordable and beautiful, these zafus support your spine during (long) seated meditation or can be used as a block under your back to stretch your chest


Blue Lotus:  Blue Lotus Yogawear provides quality organic cotton yoga clothing for men, women and children using wonderful eco-friendly fabrics and outstanding fit developed specifically for yoga. All easy care, made in USA.

From Molly w Love:  Handmade, natural, organic beauty & personal care products. We focus on high vibration products including smudge spray, shakra sprays, essential oils, and beauty products with healing properties.

Glorka:  Ethical brand supporting holistic lifestyle and offering free flow harem pants handmade with love and devotion. From a movement class to mediation circle. Eco-friendly and upcycled materials.

Kali Levitov: Through prayer Kali lets go of herself,allowing her hand to be the breath of the divine. With an extensive background in Thangka painting, she is enamored by the inherent wisdom in sacred geometry and how it can be a bridge from the seen to the unseen.

Karmala Designs:  *Capsule Collection* of Handmade Yoga Artisan Fashions.


Neem Karoli Baba Ashram/Hanuman Temple, Inc. The Neem Karoli Baba Ashram and Hanuman Temple. Dedicated to Maharaj-ji’s teachings: Love Everyone, Serve Everyone, Remember God, Tell the Truth. “Sub Ek” – All One.

Share International: 
The coming acceleration of Spiritual Initiation as part of the presence of the World Teacher Maitreya. An introduction to Transmission Meditation – an Atma Vidya yoga designed to accelerate building of the antahkarana.


Bali Prema:  Handmade women’s boho beach, festival and after yoga wear made from buttery soft and lightweight sarongs for a relaxed lifestyle.

Chagit: Manufactures all-natural health supplement from the chaga mushroom, a 2 oz, caffeine free daily boost of energy immunity and vitality

Creative Waves:  Jewelry made with natural materials such as stones, feathers ,shells are wrapped with wire and leather. We buy beautiful arts and crafts which we add to our collection.

Doterra:  Natural solutions including certified pure essential oils, natural supplements, spa products, hair care and personal care.

Golden Hive:  Hand crafted bee products which include raw honey, pure beeswax candles, organic skincare made with beeswax, propolis, royal jelly, honey and other unique handmade gifts.

Indian Vedic:  Indian Vedic Palmistry,Numerology & Psychic Medium readings, Success & Relationship coaching. Worked with High profile clients include Cher, Dr. John Gray, Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield and others.

Melrowes Designs:  Handmade stone jewelry and gifts. Many of the stones I self collect around the West before making into one-of-a-kind peices.

Mystic Earth:  Handmade sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious stones and healing crystals.

Old Delhi:  Nic Dillon curates on of the best harmonium and Indian instrument boutiques around. Come see, hear, and play his musical gems at Bhakti Fest!

Om Collection:  Yoga and lifestyle apparel.

Queen of Hearts: Movement inspired natura fiber clothing to fit your yoga lifestyle! Original designs produced in Bali with a family owned and operated cottage industry. May you dance your dreams andwalk in beauty!


Rocket Buddha:  Inspiring yogic and meditative practices and evolution through Art, Fashion and Travel accessories.

Sublime Creations:  Exquisite Handmade Outerwear and Clothing Featuring our unique Multi use and reversible clothing.

Sun Warrior:  Sunwarrior is committed to making the best plant-based proteins & super-food supplements. Our mission to illuminate body, mind & planet, drives everything we do.

theFFS:  All your favorite kirtan and music for the conscious lifestyle.

White Swan:  All your favorite kirtan and music for the conscious lifestyle.

Bhakti Fest West – Joshua Tree, CA
September 12-17, 2018