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Bhakti Fest West will be held at
Joshua Tree Retreat Center
59700 29 Palms Hwy,
Joshua Tree, CA 92252


Bhakti Bus Express


The desert can get very hot in the day and cold at night so it’s best to bring thin cotton layers that are breathable.

Things to Bring to Make Your Festival More Bhav-olicious

A Favor to Give Away: A wonderful idea that people do is bring some little beautiful gift to give away to other family you meet. Something healthy and loving, something that will make them smile.

Soft Blanket: For snuggling up with at night, around the sacred fire or while listening to your favorite devotional music.

A Small, Short Lawn Chair: Chairs should be kept low so not to occlude the view of others, if you have a physical need to sit in a higher chair there will be spaces towards the back of the stadium for you to place them.

Your own Reusable Cup, Bowl & Utensils: Think green living. All of our food vendors are ecologically aware and will be happy to serve you food and drink in your own eco-friendly vessels. Simple ask for green eating with a smile.

A Flashlight: We try to keep the beautiful nature as natural as possible, so at night we keep lighting to a minimum so you can enjoy the beautiful Joshua Tree skies.
Sunscreen: The Sun can be a bit much especially if you become entwined in the Bhav you might not notice how long you have be exposed, so please cover up. Please also remember that even though coconut is natural and the new big thing, it is actually still and oil and will cook you. Best options are to keep covered with light clothing while out in the sun.
A Hat: A must for the festival, for fashion and practicality. Bring you funnest hat, you will find many a talking point.

Sunglasses: Best not your most expensive pair, with so much hugging and dancing going on.
A Bathing Suit: Yes we have a pool and hit tube, so bring your favorite 80s Bermudas.
A Towel & Eco Friendly Washing Soap: Phosphate and sulfate free soaps detergents and shampoos (such as Dr Bronners): There are plenty of heated showers onsite to keep you nice and clean after a good yoga and dance session.

Extra Toilet Paper: Toilet paper is always useful so make sure you have plenty
Flags or Balloons: These are great for identifying your campsite or your group in a crowd
Small Luggage Lock: for your tent
Extra biodegradable trash bags
Extra Stakes and/or Weights: We have been known to have quite strong winds up in the high desert of Joshua Tree so make sure your tent is staked down well otherwise you might be climbing a Joshua tree to get your belongings.
A Camera: to record all those beautiful memories. Remember to post online and tag #bhaktifest and #bhaktifest2015. The most shared picture or video from the festival wins two free tickets to the next festival.
Pen & Paper: If you’re old school and don’t put everything straight into your phone then this is an excellent idea for recording all those beautiful people you meet, wonderful ideas you come up with over late night chai.

Vehicle Key Code: Sometimes it happens, you might misplace your keys while walking in the desert! So know where you spare keys are just in case.


Bhakti Fest prides itself on being a safe family environment. The following will not be permitted and you may be asked to leave if you choose to ignore these.

PET POLICY : ONLY certified papered vested service dogs will be allowed!

No Alcohol
No Stovetops or Fires of any kind
No Weapons of any kind
No Fireworks
No Illegal Substances
No Vending without permission
No Bicycles or scooters or personal motorized vehicles will be permitted into the festival grounds
-NOTE: You will, however, be able to park your bicycle or scooter at any festival entrance via bicycle racks. Please note that the festival is not responsible for your bike/scooter and that you will not be able to move your bike/scooter unless you are leaving the festival grounds.
No Plastic Grocery bags
No Styrofoam coolers
For safety reasons, any form of transportation that would carry you faster than a walking pace will not be allowed. This applies in all areas: camping, parking and the festival area.


A great way to help Green the Festival!!!

Can you offer a ride? Do you need one? Just want to be Green?
We created a special Ride Share Website to connect you to others. Click here


Palm Springs, California (PSP) approx. 40 miles from Joshua Tree.
Ontario, California (ONT) approx. 90 miles from Joshua Tree.
Los Angeles, California (LAX) appox. 142 miles from Joshua Tree.


Hancock Limousine
P.O. Box 787 Yucca Valley CA 92286

Palm Springs Airport
1 Passenger: $75
2 Passenger: $45 each
3 Passenger: or more $30 each

Ontario Airport
1 Passenger: $130
2 Passenger: $90 each
3 Passenger: or more $60 each

LAX Airport
1 Passenger: $220
2 Passenger: $150
3 Passenger: or more $130 each

These prices do not include gratuity for the chauffeurs.

Joshua Tree Airport Shuttle

Palm Springs Airport
1 Passenger: $60
2/3/4 Passengers: $50 each

Ontario Airport
1 Passenger: $130
2/3/4 Passengers: $100 each

1 Passenger: $200
2/3/4 Passengers: $200 each

These prices do not include gratuity for the chauffeurs.


A Sacred Space in the High Desert. Serenity, Balance, Peace, Health, Healing. This Sanctuary is poised at the Gateway of the Village of Joshua Tree, California. A jewel in the desert, a gem for seekers of serenity and healing. This sacred space was founded in 1940 as a place of peace and meditation. The Land of 450 acres, rests on a huge underground water table, and is a powerful and rare fusion of sweeping vistas of desert, mountains and centuries of Joshua Trees, 5 miles from world famous Joshua Tree

National Park.

Joshua Tree Desert Retreat Center
59700 29 Palms Hwy, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Use the below address for mapping your travels:
60098 29 Palms Highway
Joshua Tree, CA 92252
For Google maps click here


BHAKTI FEST WEST              JOSHUA TREE, CA               SEPTEMBER 12-17th –  2018