Zat Baraka - BhaktiFest West
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Zat Baraka is a unique and highly sought after teacher and speaker in the personal and spiritual growth movement, his passion is to help others radically transform their relationships and sex lives, their spiritual lives, and to live in integrity with their true purpose. Over 25 years of continent spanning personal spiritual growth work including conscious sexuality and relationship, and emotional mastery training. For the past 15 years his path has been training in the Tibetan Buddhist non-monastic Nyingma tradition of tantric yogis. He has also completed the Spiritual Psychology Masters programs from the esteemed University of Santa Monica.
Zat encourages his clients to push their growth edge, his work is to train people to be life practitioners. To navigate the raging waters of sex, money, relationship, and life purpose. His current focus is to help men to step out of the confines of their societal conditionings and into the New Masculine way of being. He currently teaches and presents workshops on relationship and gender dynamics within his Men’s Groups and at festivals and conferences; throughout North America and Asia.