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The Power of Choice: Cultivating our True Potential
How does our karma work to inform our choices in everyday life? We are all born into the world with karmic coding, from our family, background, and culture that informs how we make choices in our lives. If we choose to act in a way that is in alignment with our true nature, then we plant healthy karmic seeds. However, any time we act in contraction, involving the mind, ego, or intellect, our actions create more karmic seeds that will grow into weeds. Surrounded by too many weeds, our original true nature is obscured; it is not able to grow and flourish.
In this workshop, we will explore ways to keep ourselves aligned with our true nature everyday. The tools for this maintenance are our yoga practice, our environment, relationships, and a connection to inspiration. This time spent in dedication to ourselves cultivates the conditions so that our true potential may blossom.
The Five Koshas ~ A Holistic Yogic Journey
Akhanda means whole, indivisible and unbroken tradition. Akhanda Yoga is an all-encompassing holistic practice; Vishva-ji will delve into The Five Koshas and their applications in asana, pranayama and meditation practices, to enhance your knowledge of the relationship between The Five Koshas and your yoga practice. This knowledge will undoubtedly refine and redefine the way you practice and, if applicable, how you teach yoga. Join Vishva-ji as he guides you through an ever-deepening journey through these five layers of being.