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Sound Temple

Daniella Windsong

This world and others, gaining tools & wisdoms from ages before of the highest frequency Daniella Windsong guides and serves in vibrational healing, and centered open-heartedness. Daniella Windsong channels Spirit through the modalities of Server of Sacred Sound, Song Carrier from cultures worldwide, Women’s Wisdom Web Weaver, Healing Energy Channel, amongst many other paths. Tuning into the energies around her, she channels the vibrations whispered to her from spirit guides & behind the veil to facilitate healing through the movement vibration brings. Working with crystal singing bowls & Tibetan bowls, gongs, guitar, vocal channeling, bells, kalimba and various other instruments, Daniella intends to create a Soundscape for you to come into your center of connected remembering. May we walk this path together… and remember.

FB: Daniella Shanti Windsong

IG: windsong_speaks