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“The key to Mental, Emotional and Physical Wealth – a workshop for men.”
William Leamon

Naam Yoga

William A. Leamon is not your typical yogi having spent 18 years in the world of real estate finance in New York City.  In July of 2009, 15 months after having experienced Naam Yoga® for the first time, he chose a different path. For the past seven years, he has dedicated himself exclusively to the study and practice of the teachings of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry including: Naam Yoga (Certified in Levels I-III and completed the Kabbalah of Birth and Beyond), the Harmonyum healing system (Certified in Levels I-III and completed Harmonyum Advancing Your Practice) and is a member of Universal Kabbalah Teaching Team at Naam Yoga LA. Actively teaching since November of 2009, William’s style combines a mix of explanation, energy and love that, woven together, create a safe space for students to explore the depths of their own self-healing and the Wisdom to light the path back to their heart.

Diagnosed with diabetes for over 20 years and blessed with a recovery from Hypothyroidism through Naam, William pairs his experiences of balancing the realities of life and personal healing with an inherent knowledge of the Universal Laws of Nature. Providing a practical and effective approach to students in the Naam Yoga Therapies Class for Diabetes and the Healing Banis at Naam Yoga LA.