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Find the Beloved with Bhava & Kirtan:

A revolutionary, non-stop Bhakti Fest spread throughout 15th century India, creating lineages, texts and kirtans that continue to empower us to dedicate our body, wealth and mind-heart, to revive our eternal relationship with the all-attractive Beloved known by many names. The formless Absolute Brahman described in Vedic scriptures, the aim of the yogi’s abstract meditation, appears also with a beautiful smiling face, in the solid-bliss nectar forms known as Shri Radha-Krishna.


Vallabhdas (M.A., Asian Languages and Literature), director of the Shyamdas Foundation, lives in Braj, India. He is a scholar of Sanskrit, Brajbhasha, Hindi and Persian and a practicing Vaishnava bhakta from the 500 year-old Pushti Marg tradition. His guru, Shri Milan Goswami, is an 18th generation descendant of the non-dual bhakti philosopher Shri Vallabhacharya.

After apprenticing for 10 years with Shyamdas as his editor and co-translator, publishing eight books on bhakti literature, Vallabhdas now hosts bhakti tours in India and teaches workshops and online courses in Brajbhasha, the premier Indian language for devotional poetry.