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Sound Temple

Sonic Being – Michelle Berc, Skye Ray, Alexander Eskandar, and Tiffany Raether

Michelle Berc has been practicing Sound Healing for over a decade and has many certifications in sound and vibrational healing modalities. She is known for her ‘Sonic Being’ signature chakra balancing sound bath with the crystal bowls and additional instruments. http://www.sonicbeing.com

Skye Ray is a Master & Teacher of the Usui system of Reiki. She is also a Massage Therapist that uses different wellness modalities to help people gain a deeper level of healing. She’s been assisting Michelle for the past year providing sound support, reiki healing, and sharing her beautiful voice during the sound bath experience. http://www.sonicbeing.com

Eskandar Alexander Meimand studied the musical traditions – Radif modal systems – of Classical Persian Music in the lineage of Maestro Darvish-Khân and legendary Lotfi. He maintains traditional foundations passed down orally through generations and interprets the ancient gems into a unparalleled modern creation. His style of Tar playing uniquely marries traditional with contemporary, inducing trance states and a deep sense of heart presence in listeners. http://mystictar.com/

Tiffany Raether has been in the healing arts for over 10 years, teaching yoga and meditation in San Francisco and Los Angeles. For the past four years she has dedicated herself to her training with healers in the Native American tradition. She began her healing journey with music at very young age, growing up as a classically trained pianist. Expressing emotion into music served as medicine throughout her life. She will be assisting with her voice, sound support and energy work.”