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Loop of the Lotus: Hoop Dance Trilogy Workshop Series
Day 1: Seed of Beauty
Basics of Hoop Dance with a spiritual twist. A spiral of splendor. Up from the mire we work our way from ground to crown and everything in between. The Lotus Seed represents the way of the Earth and Water. New beginnings: from one seed, hope, potential, and creative presence emerge.
All levels of practice welcome.
Day 2: Unfolding
Feeling the light of the sun we open our wings, exploring our arms and circular extensions…our hoops! Flying and folding, weaving and creating, we learn tricks and combinations of easy movements to reveal a dance of birds and bounty. Unfolding represents Fire and Air…out of the murky waters we Rise. With Wings!
All levels of practice welcome.
Day 3: Full Bloom
Finding our flow, free from attachments or thought. In the Full Bloom of our expression, we rise! Exploring all of the different elements, hoopers incorporate intuition and instruction, creating their own fully blossomed flower of flow. All of the shapes come together and a lovely mandala unfolds as we enter together the Cosmic Circle. The Sacred Hoop is at the center of all, everything Unfolding and Budding around it.
Hoop Dance with an Existential twist ~ :)
All levels of practice welcome.