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From the magical Island of Maui, Rasa Priya brings his unique style of kirtan.  As a Vaisnava devotee, Rasa gained his love and appreciation for kirtan while staying in the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, in Nabadwip India.  “The sacred land of Mahaprabhu is so rich with love and devotion for chanting the mahamantra.  Sometimes we would be chanting loudly through the streets at 5:00am in the morning.  Often we were greeted with flowers thrown at our feet and sentiments of joy and devotion by enthusiastic villagers. It was quite a unique and life changing experience”, Rasa explains.  Rasa Priya is well versed as a musician.  He is a student of North Indian Classical Music under the guidance of Daniel Paul and Ross Kent from the Ali Akbar School of music.  He grew up playing classical guitar and joined a few rock bands in his early years.  Rasa plays a variety of instruments including sarod, guitar, mridanga, djembe, bass, tanpura, ukulele and accordion, but prefers the simplicity if mridanga and kartals.  “Substance over form” my Gurudeva use to say.  “The beauty and depth of kirtan is actually coming from the listener through their own mood of loving service and devotion.  My job is simply to serve their experience” Rasa explains. 

Prema Love is an Internationally touring / recording artist & Sacred Sound Alchemist & Lives on Maui HI. She was born into a musical family and is the grand daughter of vocalist Larry Dean of the Lawrence Welk show. Prema has had the honor of singing for Amma the Hugging Saint, Amma Sri Karunamayi, & Mirabai Devi’s Darshan’s. She has performed at Agape International, Bali Spirit Fest, Prana Fest, Mana Fest, Hawaii Yoga Festival & many other conscious music events & festivals. Some other highlights include opening for Kirtan artist WAH, Prabhu Nam Kaur & performing with 11 Time Grammy award nominee & multi platinum selling pianist & composer Peter Kater. Prema’s passion is traveling to sacred sites in nature around the globe & collaborating with other musicians. She is eternally inspired by the Divine Mother and here to honor & uplift the Divine Feminine in all. Her Souls Mission is to co create more community though the pure healing love that comes though her heart opening music.

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

May all beings be happy & free.


Rasa Priya