Prem Moham & Surya - BhaktiFest West
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Prem Moham & Surya are two musicians who have discovered the power in uniting their voices. The music that has emerged from their partnership brings together different traditions and genres into a space of union and integration. Prem Moham and Surya have spent the past two years traveling the world sharing their music with diverse communities in Hawaii, Colorado, Brazil, and India. Their journey together has blossomed into a special relationship, one that they have recently consecrated through marriage.  They have also released their first co-written album, Waters of Parivartan, and are now ready to share this soundtrack of transformation with the world. Whether their music inspires deep meditation, or ecstatic dance, each song emanates a presence that reconnects the listener to the heart. During this peak moment of our planetary transition, this music serves as a reminder that we can always turn inward to find our truth and strength. Their songs call on the power of the natural elements and other forms of the divine to help us make this crossing with more presence and trust. 

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