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Pandit Achala
Gustavo Plaza I. (Pandit Arjuna-Achala) is a respected teacher of Yoga, Meditation and Eastern Philosophy. Born in Ecuador in 1977, he started his yoga practice at a very young age by the guidance of his guru, Father César Dávila. He has traveled through India in various occasions having contact with the Great Masters of the Tradition. 
In his path of more than 25 years of practice, study and teaching, he has received guidance, blessing and inspiration from Great Masters and mentors as Swami Veda Bharati, Srila Sadhu Maharaja, Ramiro Calle, Andrei Ram, among others. Gustavo writes and directs the Sadhana Journal publication in South America. He travels to many countries to share the teachings of the traditional schools of Yoga in workshops, master classes and retreats. Yearly he teaches the Yoga and Orientalism Training Course. For more information: