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Oleg Flow


Oleg Flow is an international yoga teacher. He teaches and practices yoga since 1992. He has traveled around the world teaching workshops and retreats in Ukraine, Spain, Israel, China, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, Mexico and the United States.
He appeared on television in Ukraine and China teaching yoga classes on TV. Oleg is currently employed as Master Yoga Teacher at the Malibu Beach Recovery Center where he developed a special yoga system for treating addiction “KURMA YOGA”.

Since 2007 he offers group and individual classes in LA. He teaches different levels of yoga from very advanced to restorative. His approach in yoga is based on a long term strategy, emphasizing breath, gentle flowing movements to enhance strength and endurance. He teaches how to find balance in life through profound hatha yoga practice, proper nutrition, meditation, jnana and pranayama.