Cacao Ceremony with Juan Pablo Barahona - BhaktiFest West
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Cacao Ceremony with Juan Pablo Barahona


Kirtan-Cacao Ceremony
Celebrating the Gift of Being Alive
with Juan Pablo, Shivani and guest musicians

Ancient wisdom, devotion and celebration intertwine with sacred cacao elixir from Costa Rica to take us deep into intentions of our heart!Through bhakti, with mantras and rhythms of different cultures , we remember we are one humanity, one heart, one tribe…vibrating through song, dance and bliss…We will be guinde by the Sacred healing music of Marianela Ortiz, Jim Beckwith, Matthew Hufscmidt, Gabo Loynaz and other guest musicians…Come celebrate together the bliss of being alive!!!

A trained professional in many arts, he blends Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Chi Kung, Kinesiology, Tantric and Toltech Philosophy, Reiki, Sound Healing, Shamanism and Holistic Therapies, to lead his audience though an extraordinary healing introspectional journey. He has been leading inspirational talks, workshops, retreats, immersions and teacher trainings around the globe for over 15 years and is an eternal student of Love and Life.

Lets celebrate life together!!!