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Jennica Mills


Jennica Mills, MSW, E-RYT, Sexual Wellness Educator

Jennica’s eclectic background in the healing field gives way to a unique perspective of how we can rediscover our balance by integrating the mind, body, and spirit. After receiving her Master’s in Social Work in 2005, Jennica began working as a trauma therapist in a sexual assault recovery program. This experience helped her to develop a much deeper understanding of the pervasive effects of trauma on the entire being.

In 2004, Jennica was introduced to Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises®(TRE®) and began practicing with TRE founder Dr. David Berceli. After receiving her certification in TRE, he collaborated with Dr. Berceli, and a fellow colleague Maria Alfaro, to develop a curriculum for training and certifying seasoned yoga instructors to facilitate self-induced therapeutic tremoring through Neurogenic Yoga ™.

Jennica has a private practice in San Diego, CA where she facilitates Neurogenic Yoga, TRE, and sexual wellness sessions with individuals and groups. Jennica also facilitates Neurogenic Yoga and TRE workshops and certification trainings globally. Find out more at

Neurogenic Yoga: Shake it off!

Enliven and nurture your body with practices designed to unlock long held tension patterns and rediscover your innate ability to shake off stress and heal. The body holds deep instinctual intelligence that can set us free from pain and foster freedom of movement and ease.

This unique experience includes:

Mindful movement that will empower you to tune into the subtle longings of the body.
Yoga asana designed to tune in to and awaken the root and sacral chakras, psoas muscle, and “gut” instinct to reignite authentic movement for releasing blockages.
Awaken the body’s innate ability to heal through gentle self-induced vibration
Key breath techniques that bring the body into natural relaxation