Eric Vadala - BhaktiFest West
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Sound Temple

Eric Vadala first began practicing meditation 7 years ago. He felt the change it brought about his being and a new found presence that brought him into peace. He began to apply this state of meditation to flow arts as well as other aspects of his life, later he found yoga. Yoga and meditation became a passion and driving force for Eric. Through yoga and meditation one thing we learn is how to “flow”. Once we tap into this “state of flow” anything is possible, once we learn to flow through life we can overcome all obstacles. Sound healing became another driving force for Eric on his yoga journey. He experienced the profound effect it had during deep states of relaxation and wanted to share it with others. With shamanic instruments like Didgeridoos and 432 HZ tuned crystal-singing bowls he guides his students through deep meditative energetic sound baths. Using yoga, meditation, and sound healing he helps his students to stay in shape mentally and physically, remain centered and aware, and take life to the next level. Eric is also one of the creators of an event called Universal Flow Gathering; this is an event dedicated to yoga, meditation, consciousness, and flow arts.


With a background in dance, flow arts, and circus arts he has taught and performed all over California. He inspires others with his creative and innovative style, remaining cutting edge and ahead of the game. Eric has made it his mission to share with others methods and theories of experiencing union between body, motion, and object. Once this meditative connection can be made one can experience a harmonious flow. Eric’s mission is to share these sacred meditation practices with the world in order to help others experience their own unique flow!