Cala Marina - BhaktiFest West
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Cala Marina was founded by Marina Barberena in May 2013 with the intention to musically explore new ways of interpreting traditional Kirtan. In a way to extend it to more people, non-practitioners of Yoga, seeking a way to open hearts through the benefits of music. This music merges harmoniously the musical field of yoga and contemporary and popular music, integrating in this way to Sierra Mique, Gabriel Morfin, Eduardo Garavito, Amado Cortez and Javier Hernández.
Collaborations: Jai Uttal, Daniel Paul, Dave Cipriani, Katrina MacLachlan, Alvaro Saldaña, Bruno Mansur, Juan Antonio Suinaga, Osiris Heyerdahl, Quirio.
“CALA MARINA” with their interpretations, mainly seeks to sensitize the heart of both yogis, and the general public to experience various positive experiences through music and song, in an experience that combines active listening and participation and interaction with the public.