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Sound Temple
Elias North and Kadija’Maa – Avatara Rising
AVATARA RISING is the healing music of KADIJA`MAA and ELIAS NORTH based on principle and Pythagorean Tuning to A=432hz: the fundamental and natural Frequency of the earth that activates your potential to follow your heart and dreams and unlock your inner wisdom. AVATARA RISING is calling you to raise your consciousness and awareness. To remember who you truly are. An expression to be more centered and focused on the frequency that vibrates through the cosmos and you: Agape Love. From ancient Hebrew Mantra´s to the toning of sacred words and syllables in light language – all encompassed by spacious music of Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer or Flute will bring you deeper into the vast consciousness of the now-moment.
Kadija’Maa, Healing Voice and Kum Nye Teacher from Berlin and Elias North, gold & platinum awarded musician, songwriter, producer, workshop author and sound alchemist, will take you with their music of AVATARA RISING on a transcendental musical journey you will never forget.´
No matter what the World presents you – trust your heart and follow your joy and dreams.