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Andrew Tanner, E-RYT 500, YACEP, is a yoga teacher, author, and entrepreneur.  He began his study of yoga 15 years ago after witnessing a Taoist yoga master help his cancer-riddled father in the hospital. Andrew spent the next 5 years apprenticing with Dahn-Hak masters Chun-Shim and Dahn-Woon and lived a humble life of service, offering instruction in Taoist yoga. He later studied Hatha-Raja yoga for 4 years with Sri Dharma Mittra. Throughout his career, Andrew has balanced his practice with business, helping open more than 50 yoga studios in the last 15 years. In 2012, he co-wrote the book entitled, So You Want to Open a Yoga Studio, a de facto business plan read by hundreds of yoga studios around the world. As a consultant and public speaker, he has offered business development and strategy to boutique yoga studios, national fitness chains, and Fortune 500 companies. Andrew keeps a finger on the pulse of the yoga, wellness, and technology worlds in order to be a steward for the industry. He currently serves as Yoga Alliance’s Chief Yoga Advancement Officer.

Gentle Taoist Partner Yoga  (2 hrs) (Practice, Partner Holistic Healing, Some Lecture)

Sahm-Je or “3-Element” Taoist Yoga is a gentle but powerful style of energy training that evolved from pre-modern Korea’s “Sun-do” schools, with roots that date back to the pre-historic shamanistic practices of East Asia and the Taoist medical and philosophical traditions of China. This class will have you moving in new ways to awaken and ground your energy while being guided towards a constant experience of mindfulness of the body’s enervation pathways. Many students are able to feel subtle energy, like heat, magnetism, or “Qi” internal nerve enervation, in their first class.  After awakening the energy body and experiencing a deep relaxation, students will partner up to learn and experience a few powerful Taoist bodywork techniques, putting us all in a state of “mu-ah” or “no-mind.”  Andrew Tanner lived and studied with Taoist Yoga master, Dahn-Woon “Energy Cloud,” for 5 years and has been teaching Sahm-Je Taoist Yoga and holistic healing since 2003.

The Bhav of Pooh: The Ultimate Taoist Bhakti  

Winnie the Pooh is the ultimate vision of a Taoist master lost in “wu wei” or “doing by non-doing.” Join Taoist yoga teacher, Andrew Tanner, for a whimsical yet sincere experience of Taoist bhakti yoga practices. The practice will include 3 Element Taoist yoga purification techniques for the body, a moving meditation of 103 prostrations, and chanting of the Sahm-Je Taoist text Chun-Bu-Kyung. We will also weave in a bit of wisdom from Winnie the Pooh and stories of enlightened Taoist masters to fill you with joy and inner peace.