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Hailing from the Hawaiian Islands, Noelani Love brings soft melodies and her sweet ukulele sounds to the world of mantra music.  Based on the North Shore of Oahu, Noelani finds much of her inspiration from the power and cleansing nature of the ocean.  An avid free diver and bodysurfer, underwater breath practices and singing and swimming with dolphins have been instrumental in her development as a singer.


Along with studying the practice of Oli (ancient Hawaiian chanting),  Noelani has returned year after year to study sound healing and classical mantra in Northern India.  Immersion training in India to study Kundalini Yoga under Gurmukh, Sanskrit and Mantra under  Anandra George, and Vinyasa training with Wanderlust Festival, mixed with Noelani’s childhood base in hula dancing, has lead Noelani to share her understandings of the divine.  She now leads online mantra meditation courses, international retreats, song circles, and women’s New and Full Moon gatherings throughout the year.


Her jewelry line, Noelani Hawaii combines intentional and healing stones to inspire women to feel beautiful and empowered across the globe.  Helping others find the gift and power of their own voice has been an important part of Noelani’s recent work.  Her philosophy is that by helping facilitate the rise of women, more balance will be created between masculine and feminine on the planet, bringing more peace to Earth.  Offering sacred music, shakti yoga, and healing jewelry brings joy and variety, encouraging women to find their voice, speak their truth, and grow powerful in their own bodies.


In 2016 Noelani released Lakshmi Lullabies, her debut mantra album, produced by Rob Weber.  The healing music that began as simple ukulele songs for her yoga classes will be shared this year as Noelani attends Bhakti Fest for the first time.