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“Sheila Nicholls’ most appealing attribute is her deep intelligence. She proceeds thoughtfully, questioning her motivations, mapping out her goals. Then she executes a perfect swan dive off a cliff, 100 feet into the waters of uncertainty. — The LA Weekly


“A spiritual granddaughter of Laura Nyro.”

— The Advocate


A cross between Liz Phair and Kate Bush”

— The Guardian


Sheila Nicholls is an English singer, songwriter and social activist currently based in Los Angeles. Lyrically unique, she is propelled by a singularly magnetic voice that is alternately haunting and confronting. Her work is aimed squarely at questioning and upending hierarchies, probing the conundrums of consciousness, and finding connections between the personal, the political and the spiritual.


Sheila has released four critically acclaimed, and her songs have been featured in the films High Fidelity and Jackie & Ryan. Her most recent album, ‘All Of Nature’ for Essex Girl Records, was created in collaboration with Grammy nominated producer Dave Stringer, piano virtuoso Mitchel Forman and spiritual teacher Michael Bernard Beckwith. Her second album ‘Wake’ was produced by legendary producer Glen Ballard and for Hollywood Records. Sheila has toured extensively, charted in the top 10 in college radio and the Billboard top 40, and appeared on the Tonight show.